Suzuki kanshi

INTRODUCTION : We are professional voice coil bobbins manufacturer. Our bobbins play a very important part in loud speakers. Mr. Suzuki Yazuyuki was the founder of Suzuki Kanshi in Tokyo, Japan, in 1966. It expanded to Thailand by Mr. Fukushima Shozo in 1997. Now, all productions are in Thailand. We put all endeavors to continue development of our high quality bobbins, tapes and related material so that to get the maximum customers’ satisfactions.
We are promoted by Board of Investment of Thailand. We are also certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949. Further more, we are proudly on our honor trophies from Priminister for excellent labor relations, welfare and zero accident achivement.
Suzuki Kanshi CO., LTD. (Japan) is the professional maker of voice coil bobbin and related material for loud speaker since 1966.
Suzuki Kanshi (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. was established by 100% investment from Japan since January 1997, promoted by Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI). Production has been started since September 1997.


Site Area: Total: 4,000 m², Factory: 2,500 m², Office: 200 m², Canteen: 75 m², Warehouse: 475 m², Cool warehouse: 50 m², Garden: 1,400 m²
FACILITIES: Office, Factory, Seminar room, Meeting room, Sport room, Entertainment room, Kitchen and pantry, Canteen, Warehouse, Special Cool varnish room, Garden, Security room, First aid and nursing room, Water treatment system, Air treatment system, Car and motorcycle parking, Shower and toilets

suzuki kanshi